Are you interested in becoming a vendor at Lyte Festival?

Become a Vendor

Become a vendor in just 3 simple steps.

Step 1

Complete and submit the vendor application.

Step 2

Pay the Application Deposit.

Step 3

Attend the event and pay the remainder of the application fee.

You’re All Set!

Vendor Fees

All vendors are required to pay a fee for vending at a Lyte Festival. In order to streamline our vendor signup process and ensure that only the best vendors are selected for our events we require anyone who wishes to be a vendor to submit an application and pay a NON-REFUNDABLE application Deposit.


$300 Vending Fee | $150 Application Deposit


$100 Vending Fee | $50 Application Deposit

Once you have submitted your vendor application you can pay yourapplication deposit by scanning this QR code.

Scan the QR Code below to pay your application fee.

Have Questions?

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Please complete the entire application below to apply as a vendor.

Don’t forget to submit your application deposit to complete your application.